Overall, this project envisions to achieve the following:

  • To build external training capacity at the public authority levels for supporting schools in implementing SWPBS tiers.
  • To build internal training capacity among school staff, and other professionals in SWPBS practices. To acquire a cadre of individuals, who are trained on behavioral and socio-emotional supports inside and outside of schools to provide on-going coaching assistance and progress monitoring for each SWPBS tier.
  • To develop quality resources for SWPBS. To design and develop a user-friendly e-learning environment, e-learning modules and digital resources and OERs, which will be freely accessible to all interested parties to use and/or adapt in their practice.
  • To improve the overall quality of educational system in the participating countries. To create a cluster of schools in each country and across Europe that have established a common vision, language, and experience around positive inclusive school culture, use of evidence-based practices and school discipline prevention based on the three-tiered SWPBS prevention framework. We aim to engage more than 100 schools, 2000 teachers, 20,000 students, and 40,000 parents. Additionally, to promote legislative changes that emphasize the use of evidence-based practices to support student socio-emotional and behavioral needs through a continuum of supports and use of positive-based instructional practices rather than reactive, punitive and exclusionary ones.
  • To raise awareness of the tiered SWPBS logic by sharing project’s ongoing progress implementation and final results; thus, reaching out to national and European policy makers, education stakeholders, and public at large.