The main Outputs of SWPBS are the following:

  1. A Needs Analysis on Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports across Cyprus, Greece, Finland and Romania. Partners:
    • Conducted a thorough critical review of current peer-reviewed empirical research evidence on schoolwide positive behavior supports and official documents.
    • Collected quantitative and qualitative data from each country to identify educational stakeholders’ needs around schoolwide discipline prevention and existing student socio emotional supports.
    • Compiled an action plan, based on the above findings.
  2. Intervention materials and implementations for Tiers I, II, and III. Partners:
    • Developed training manuals and material (e.g. e-learning space, e-learning modules, Online resources etc.) for Tiers I, II, and III.
    • Trained external coaches to provide technical assistance to schools, during the implementations.
    • Proceeded with SWPBS interventions in primary schools for Tiers I (CY, GR, RO), II, and III.
  3. Evaluation plan and materials to assess field trials for Tiers I, II, and III. Partners will:
    • Develop an evaluation plan for Tiers I, II, and III.
    • Develop evaluation tools (e.g. questionnaires, digital collection tool, Focus group guide etc.) for Tiers I, II, and III.
    • Proceed with experimentation field trails in primary schools for Tiers I (CY, GR, RO), II, and III.
    • Conduct pre/post assessments for Tiers I, II, and III field trials.
  4. Policy recommendations for scalability and sustainability of SWPBS after identifying common risks, successes and effective practices. It is expected that by the end of the project, partners will prepare a set of policy guidelines considering research plans for expanding SWPBS implementation to a larger number of schools and European countries and mapping out the contextual policy knowledge on inclusive education and school violence prevention in each country.