The Finnish research team delivered on the 19th of November 2021 a 3-hour online training on Tier 2 Check in Check out intervention to Cyprus, Greece, and Romania partners. The training was led by Dr. Mika Paanamen (Neuropsychologist at the University of Jyväskylä) and Dr. Anne Karhu (Special Education Teacher at the University of Eastern Finland). The purpose of this training is to deliver knowledge and increase the capacity of CY, GR, and RO research teams and coaches regarding the key concepts and processes of the Tier 2 interventions within the SWPBS framework.

The meeting started with a brief presentation of each country’s selected school(s). The presentations included evidence to support the selection based on certain pre-determined criteria, an introduction of the school’s behavioral matrix, the school leadership team (including the new roles for Tier 2), and an estimation of the quality of the Tier 1 support carried out during the last two years. Next, an introduction to CICO along with binding it with Tier 1 support took place, accompanied with an explanatory video to create conceptual links from theory to practice. Thy key aspects emphasized during the training deal with clarifying behavioral expectations, providing more positive and targeted feedback, acting proactively on applying it as soon as problems are identified, and strengthening home-school connections.

The training will be continued in January 2022 in order to provide more details on the implementation of the Tier 2 CICO intervention and address any practicalities that might occur. Until then, partners will translate the comprehensive manual in their languages and contribute with their input until a contextual fit is reached.