After the intensive trainings, SWPBS partners are proud to announce the beginning of Tier 2 implementation. During the last 6-hour training conducted on the 21st of January 2022, the Finnish research team completed the sessions on Check in Check out (CICO) preparation. Researchers and Coaches from other countries were introduced to the theoretical background of CICO support, the daily CICO practices, the universal level upkeep, and the technical details of the CICO implementation. Since this is the first time for partner countries implementing the secondary intervention (Tier 2) of PBS framework, the field trials will be closely monitored and assisted by the experts of the research group. So, what is actually CICO?

Check in Check out (CICO) support is primarily a way to teach behavior that supports learning and school attendance. The CICO support built around the pupil's individual behavioral goals and the daily report card (DRC) given to the pupil offers school staff the opportunity to systematically provide positive feedback to their pupils and engage parents in support activities. The support model can be used to make the situations where the pupil achieves their goals and manages to act according to the behavioral expectations visible to the pupil. In fact, the effectiveness of the support is based on the strengthening of successes and positive behavior that is in line with the objectives. Adults around the pupil aim to encourage the pupil to succeed in their behavioral goals. Getting caught in failures is avoided, and adults are guided to focus their feedback on the goals and the future.

It is generally suggested that schools should implement CICO upon some basic pre-conditions. First, the school should be guided from an advisory team that is trained in this support system, along with practical and research experience. Second, Tier 1 implementation fidelity is probably the strongest indicator of school’s readiness level. In other words, school should demonstrate that universal structures have been set and routinized through the PBS Tier 1 implementation for a reasonable period of time (2-5 years). Indications of readiness are clear vision and behavioral goals that are recognized, understood and applied by all school population. Also, the common reward system is “in line” with the school's behavioral goals and integrated to school’s culture. Incidents of unexpected behavior are managed with a universal method by all school members. Parents, auxiliary staff, and new school staff are actively involved to the PBS practices and share framework’s philosophy, spreading the PBS culture across settings other than the classroom.

The Tier 2 implementation is just about to start in Cyprus, Romania, and Greece. Necessary arrangements have taken place and the research teams as well as schools’ members are excited to begin and observe the results. Check in Check out is now the order of the day for SWPBS!