Teaching social skills at home

CARDET with the support of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and INNOVADE LI, are organising an online session which aims to inform and guide parents on how they can implement Positive Behaviour System (PBS) approaches at home, promoting positive behaviours and improving their relationships with their children. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 23.02.2022 at 18:00. More information can be found here.

 The evidence-based Positive Behaviour System (PBS), is an approach that aims to develop core values and common communication codes between children, teachers and parents. To accomplish this, the Positive Behavior System focuses on developing individuals' positive behaviors (behaviors related to academic achievement, health, social and family success).

 During the lecture, presenters Militsa Nikiforou and Andri Agathokleous will present basic parameters and simple steps that every parent can implement at home. Their presentations will be based on their expertise in the field as well as on the experiences they have collected through the implementation of the School-Wide Positive Behavior Support System (SWPBS) in 32 primary schools in Cyprus. The programme, which has been implemented since 2019, has recorded excellent results both in learning positive behaviours and in changing the culture of the schools implementing it. Schools implementing the system report more positive relationships in the school community, better learning outcomes, happier teachers and children and improved school climate.

 By investing and building on the success of the program, the organizers want to help promote this approach in the home context as well. Children who have a similar system of rules at school and at home are easier to adapt to, providing them with a sense of security and stability. These can act proactively in the occurrence of undesirable behaviours, and where undesired behaviours do occur, management becomes more feasible. Parental involvement, as in all areas of children's lives, is a key point for children's success and active involvement in the System. The above will be presented in the lecture through simple steps that every parent can implement at home.

 The event will be held through ZOOM. Please register here.

 Upon registration you will receive an informational email including Meeting ID & Passcode.