On February 25th Finnish researchers held a follow-up meeting with the researchers and coaches from Cyprys, Greece and Romania about the implementation of tier 2 Check in Check out (CICO) in their schools. The countries have started the implementation of CICO support, which is individual support for children where behaviour is teached and monitored to support learning and school attendance. Tier 2 support is built upon quality tier 1 universal support, which has been developed in the countries for the past three years. More information about the multitiered SWPBS support and Check in Check out (CICO) can be found on our website.

 In the beginning of the meeting, the current situation of the implementation was reviewed and questions about the intervention were discussed and solutions to problems were found together. Four schools from Greece have already started the intervention and three schools from Romania and two from Cyprys are just starting the intervention. Awesome work in all countries!

 In addition, the field trial measures and data collection were adressed – what and how is information collected in different parts of the intervention. Next meeting will be held later in Spring, at the latest when the interventions have ended, but support to partners will be given troughout the process when necessary. Common work towards building effective support practices and positive learning environments is going forward!