The educational conference aims to promote positive behaviour in schools and to create positive learning environments inside and outside of schools.

 A conference to promote positive behaviour in schools was held this morning with the participation of more than 100 teachers and education stakeholders, as well as experts from abroad. The conference was welcomed by the Minister of Education, Prodromou Prodromou.

 "Violence in schools is a timeless and unfortunately global social phenomenon that has an impact on many levels, both on the learning process and on mental health," said the Minister of Education.

 The conference was organised as part of the project "Creating Unified, Positive and Inclusive School Environments through the SWPBS Positive Behaviour Promotion System".

 The Director of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Athena Michaelidou, said that "it does not focus on schools that have behavioural problems. Instead, it creates structures and procedures for multi-level support for all children in all school settings."

 The event was organised by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, the CARDET research centre and the consultancy organisation INNOVADE.

 "In order to improve schools, this culture of lifelong learning, professional learning needs to continue and develop", pointed out Cardet's Executive Director, Haralambos Vrasidas.

 The primary objective of the conference was to highlight the importance and benefits of creating integrated school systems to cultivate social skills and promote positive behaviour of children inside and outside of schools.

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