Education reform efforts and school improvement require systemic approaches and whole school program interventions. The SWPBS project team ( held an online meeting on the 16th November 2020 with Professor Tim Lewis from the University of Missouri (USA), world expert on School Wide Positive Behavior Support. Professor Lewis is a global leader in the area with more than two decades of expertise. During the online training session, the project team provided a brief overview of the project’s implementation across the four European countries (Romania, Cyprus, Greece and Finland) and 3 Tiers of prevention. In addition, countries presented indicative work of schools and initiated a fruitful discussion on opportunities and challenges faced by coaches, schools, and teachers. Among the issues discussed included the different ways of engaging teachers and students online during the pandemic, student rewards, teacher community and collaboration, data collection, and evidence-based decision making. Our research team and external coaches raised several issues which Professor Lewis addressed and provided concrete examples and recommendations.

Improving the capacity of schools for systemic change