Our project SWPBS - Building School-Wide Inclusive, Positive and Equitable Learning Environments Through A Systems-Change Approach - was presented at the online conference, ‘Implementing a Positive Behaviour Support System in Europe and Lithuania: Good practice’. The conference took place on December 9th 2020 and was a great opportunity for professionals from the field of education across Europe to exchange ideas and share their knowledge and experience on the implementation of the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) system in schools.

Eliza Theofanous, who represented CARDET at the conference, explained the Experimental Design of the SWPBS project and provided a detailed description of its implementation. Mrs Theofanous presented indicative work of schools that currently participate in the project, giving an insight into the project to more than 250 teachers and stakeholders, who took part in the conference. Participants were also presented the material CARDET has created to support teachers during the COVID pandemic (lesson plans, online modules and videos). The conference was co-organised by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education Science and Sports, the Lithuanian Centre of Education for Blind and Visually Impaired People and the Department of Counselling for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Lithuania.

SWPBS is being implemented by a consortium of 11 partners in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Finland. In Cyprus, the project is being implemented by the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth in collaboration with CARDET and INNOVADE LI, with the participation of 32 primary schools across the island.

SWPBS presented at an international Positive Behaviour Support conference in Lithuania