Our SWPBS project - Building some inclusive, positive and equitable learning environments at school level through a systems change approach - was presented at the online conference "Adapting through the development of early personal skills" - A.D.A.P.T. The conference took place on 31st October 2020 and was an excellent opportunity for education professionals across Europe to exchange ideas and create a common context for the specialist in the humanities, to develop educational and personal development strategies useful to students in particular, but also to the general public.

Representatives of the Arges County School Inspectorate (ISJ Argeș) provided a detailed description of the project implementation. The digital training platform was presented on the official website of the project, in order to educate external coaches and members of management teams.
This platform consists of 2 units:

  1. External Coaches where all the necessary training materials as well as additional information are available for these coaches and
  2. Schools where all the materials produced by the schools are displayed, as well as their works done during training.
SWPBS presented at a national conference with international participation - A.D.A.P.T Conference

SWPBS is implemented by a consortium of 11 partners from Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Finland. In Romania, the project is implemented by the Argeș County School Inspectorate (ISJ Argeș) in collaboration with the University of Pitești, with the participation of 30 primary schools from the Argeș County.

SWPBS presented at a national conference