On the 24rth of April 2021, team members of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in cooperation with members from the KMAKEDPDE partner, for KA3 Project ‘Building School-Wide Inclusive, Positive and Equitable Learning Environments Through A Systems-Change Approach’ (code: 606687-EPP-1-2018-2-CY-EPPKA3-PIPOLICY) participated in the 6th National EKEDISY Educational Conference, hosted in Athens, Greece.

More specifically, AUTH members presented two presentations regarding the project’s activities. The first presentation focused on the Implementation of the Primary Prevention Procedures and Strategies. The second presentation focused on the Applied Training procedures for the training of the participating school members in the project’s intervention. Both presentations were conducted virtually.

SWPBS project’s activities dissemination and virtual presentation in National Greek conference.