The School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) project team ( had the pleasure to host a constructive online meeting with a pioneer in the field of Positive Behaviour Support. Dr. Tim Lewis (University of Missouri), the main speaker at the seminar, is an expert and pioneer in the domain of Positive Behaviour Support, has 15 years of solid experience in working in various applied and research settings and has made substantial contributions to the development of the existing literature. His speciality areas also include social skill instruction and functional assessment.

Positive Behaviour Support is a framework for supporting school employees in embracing and organising behavioural interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behaviour outcomes for all students. The team discussed the successes and challenges of the SWPBS project which is currently implemented in Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Finland. Dr. Lewis shared his views about the importance of teachers’ and students’ perceptions alignment regarding the behavioural problems in schools. Additionally, Dr. Lewis gave his input and suggestions regarding the significance of the framework’s application at schools and about the exploration of the data collected by the project team and partners of the SWPBS project. Our research team and coaches raised several inquiries to the professor regarding the application of the SWPBS framework and he addressed them by providing valuable real life examples, illustrations and practical suggestions.