Despite the barriers posed by Covid-19, the implementation of the SWPBS framework remained unaffected for a second academic year. Although adjustments had to be made, such as conducting trainings online in order to minimize physical contact and increase time-efficiency, the implementation continued successfully.

Our team of professionals, in collaboration with the schools and partners, managed to provide guidance, support, online seminars and trainings to school staff, in order to ensure high fidelity and reliability with regards to the incorporation of the framework within the school environment. This is because high fidelity is deemed as extremely important for the quality and success of the intervention.

Furthermore, taking into consideration the new health protocols that would come after the reopening of schools (i.e, use of sanitizer, social distancing, use of personal protective equipment), we utilized the SWPBS framework throughout the pandemic, in order to embrace health related positive behaviors that would help students align with the health protocols.